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  • The Brazilian

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The Brazilian - Downwinder Heaven

We are in love with downwinders and we are always looking for new destinations that have the right ingredients for a proper Ultimate Downwinder experience. Brazil ticks all our boxes when it comes to downwinders: constant and good wind conditions, warm temperatures, a beautiful coastline, amazing food and great vibes. We love to share this kitesurf trip with other kitesurfers from all nationalities and bring them together at this little piece of kitesurf heaven.

We'll take care of you...

We organize a trip that offers a total kitesurf experience including an Ultimate Downwinder. Quality is our trademark; the best local food, local guides and offer total service. From the moment you land in Fortaleza, we will arrange a transfer to Guajiru. Our local partners are our experts and know the area like no other. Enjoying Brazil’s best eats, kiting with the best possible wind- and weather conditions and sleeping in luxury villa's and pousadas (which are on-route of the downwinder). Our local guide: Christiano has organised Downwinders for over 7 years. An avid kitesurfer himself, will bring us to some hidden gems like secret lagoons, beaches designed for amazing waveride sessions and local bars/ restaurants to chill at.


€2.099 $2.250




13 days


7 - 12 kiters

What's included?

The Brazilian, Beach Villa in Guajiru
The Brazilian, Ilha Do Guajiru
Kitesurf Experience


Would you like to focus on progressing your skills?

Kite Lessons

Take lessons with us during the first 2 days of the kitesurf trip. We will be focussing on your riding technique. Especially when you haven't done a lot of Downwinders, we will help you develop the right skills and tricks that will enhance your experience greatly. Three hours per day with a maximum of two students per instructor, where you receive personal guidance. We end every day with video analysis. Price: €179 ,- (2 day- course)

Kite Clinic

The Brazilian offers this exclusive course and you'll advance like you never did before!! ​ You'll receive one-on-one Progression Coaching. The video analysis, theoretical and practical demonstrations will improve your riding skills and bring them to the next level. From upwind riding, Kiteloops to wave-riding with a surfboard. ​ Price: €159 ,- (2 day- course)

Daily Program

Warming Up | Day 1 - 3
The total kitesurf experience is divided into several elements. During he first 3 days of The Brazilian we will be enjoying the waves and amazing flat-water lagunes on our doorstep of the villa in Guajiru. Perfect for practicing your Downwind- and wave riding skills.
The Downwinder first leg | Day 4 - 7
We will kite an average of 25 km a day. Around 4 hours, where we will be taking breaks to refuel. Throughout the route we will have Jeeps following us on the beach. Keep in mind that we have selected to most beautiful Downwind patches on route. Our kitesurf trip is all about the quality of the Downwinder and less about the length..
Enjoy the Vibes and Relax | Day 7 - 8
On the 7th day we will arrive in Jericoacoara, where we’ve completed our first leg. This vibrant town is perfect for relaxing. Known for its parties, bars and local restaurants. FOOD TIP: Try the mouthwatering Tapioca (coconut pancake) with Nutella. Check out the amazing beaches in Jeri (top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world) and intense kite conditions with winds howling up to 35 knots.
The Downwinder second leg | Day 9 -12
The last part of our epic journey will take us up to Camocim. We’ll be stopping at the beautiful dunes of Tatajuba. During this part of The Brazilian, we will be accompanied by our video maker. Flying behind us with a drone and taking action shots with his GoPro. Your time to shine!
Goodbye in Style | Day 12 - 13
During the last days we can put our feed up and enjoy Brazil in comfort. Appropriately we will host a big BBQ on our final night and relive our amazing kitesurf experience.
Share Your Experience
Back home you’ll receive the perfect souvenir; photos and a video that proof your stories of this epic journey are true.

Downwinder Route

Total: 350 km - Around 25 km a day

Total length: 350 km!
The Brazilian is pretty intense. This is why we expect an intermediate kitesurf level of all our participants. That said, we aim to provide the perfect balance between activity and rest. We want to offer you the best downwind options on this Brazilian coastline. We choose quality over length. The downwinder route itself will take us 9 days in total, we will do an average of 25 km a day. Some days we do a bit more and other days a bit less. Throughout the route we will have support from the Jeeps and Buggy on the beach. We’ve also arranged two experienced riders; guiding and helping us on the water. During the route everything is taken care of; luxury Pousadas, breakfast, lunch & diner and we have support with spare kite gear.
Paracuru - Guajiru
The first day will be between Paracuru and Guajiru. The perfect start following a beautiful coastline covering close to 45 km. We will stay another night in the comfortable Beach Villa Guajiru. The first leg is perfect for getting acclimated to Brazilian wind conditions which are normally very stable around 22 – 25 knots.
Guaijiru - Mundaú
Our second day is perfect for our directional riders of the group, as we’ll be cruising down a coastline with great waves!
Mundaú - Icarai
Today we’ll be covering the longest daily route, so make sure you got enough rest the night before. Doing multiple stops today will help us preserve energy. In our pousada we can relax and have a delicious, special seafood dinner prepared by a local chef.
Icarai - Ilha do Guajiru
Around 30km route today. Our day will finish on one of the most popular lagoons of Brazil: Ilha do Guajiru (Guajiru Island). A kiter’s wet dream when it comes to flat-water riding. The pousada where we’ll be staying is directly connected to this lagoon. To enjoy this spot to the max, we’ll be staying an extra day here.
Ilha do Guajiru - Jeri
The first part of our downwinder needs to be covered by car, as our Jeeps are unable to follow us on the beach. Due to river mouths we would encounter, it’ll make it to dangerous to cover this part by water. Kiting alongside postcard-looking beaches at Preá. Our journey will end in Jericoacoara, famous for its nightlife and amazing cuisine.
Jeri - Tatajuba
After a little break of a day we continue our journey towards Tatajuba. The wind normally blows a bit harder on this part of the route. Make sure you pack your smaller kites as well!
Tatajuba - Camocim
The final day of our downwind experience. The landscape has slowly changed into a more dessert-looking backdrop. Makes it feel like you’re starring in your own kite- adventure movie. And you are! As we have our own video maker joining us during this part of our journey.

What's Excluded?


Your return flight towards Fortaleza you'll need to arrange yourself. Return flights start from €850. KLM and TAP has direct flights to Fortaleza airport. KLM includes free boardbags.

Travel Insurance

We do our best to eliminate any potential issue that could arise during our kitesurf trips, however we do not have control over everything. Hence we recommend Travel Insurance when travelling with us. Think about your kite gear and if needed: medical care.


Visa for Brazil is not required for this time period, however your passport need to be valid for at least 6 more months from date of entry.


We recommend the following: Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever and Rabies


The downwind experiences in November 2022

We Were Here


The group will consist out of like-minded international people that all share your passion for kitesurfing. We’re all about small sized group trips and we work hard to ensure harmonious dynamics between each of the small groups we put together. The age range will be between 34 –  55 years old. This can occasionally differ, depending per group.

Good questions! This trip is not suited for beginners. We will try to access your level from the moment you’ll reach out to us. We expect you to have at least an intermediate level and have done one downwinder before.

All our experiences will start on Thursday and end on Wednesday. Depending on your flight schedule, you could arrive earlier and depart later.

Yes! We can completely tailor the trip to your wishes and dates. With the requirement that you’ll come with a minimum group of 6 kiters.

Safety is one of our highest priorities. Not only during the downwinder, but from the moment you land in Brazil we will take care of you.

Our guides will make an assessment of your level during the first couple days and coach you where needed. If we notice you’re not keeping up or you’re getting too tired during the downwinder, we will ask you to step in the jeep and complete the route by car. Please note that we will keep a steady downwind speed, depending on the level of the group.

During our first days we will explain and perform the self-rescue. Prior to the downwinder we’ll go through an extensive briefing on potential danger zones, this will happen every morning. For support on the water, we’ve arranged a guide at the head of the group and a guide will stay behind.

We know all the nearest hospitals and doctors on route. One of our cars will be on standby when any emergency would arise. Make sure you are fully covered for this trip.

The flights are not included in our trips. But of course we can help book the flight for you. Email us with your budget, flight dates and your wishes: leg space, max. flight time/ stop overs. etc. We will do our best to find a suitable flight for you.

Of course. We will charge upgrade costs of €400,- per person. You’ll get your own room for the full 12 night stay.

We allow Bank Transfer and PayPal payments at this moment.

Expect warm temperatures day and night. The water temperatures are around 28 degrees. You can easily kitesurf in your board shorts and bikini, but make sure you bring some protection for the sun like a lycra long sleeve shirt, sun lotion and a hat. The sand is super smooth, so no need for boots. You don’t need to worry about mosquitos either.

Yes, you can. Please let us know what kites, boards or other material you’d like to rent and we’ll make it happen. For more info on prices, please reach out to us.

Most of the days it will be 20 knots and higher. Around Jeri it could go to 30 knots and higher.  Bring the kites you’re most comfortable with in these conditions. 

Please reach out to us via email or send a direct chat message to Vincent and he’ll get back to you super quickly.


The people 'make' the trip. We bring international like-minded kiters together that share their passion for travel and kitesurfing.


We work with local partners that understand our service level. They know the best routes and lagoons in the area. You'll always enjoy a comfortable stay in our handpicked villas.


There is no greater high in our opinion. We pride ourselves to select the most unique and amazing Downwinder routes on this globe. And we want to share this with you...

The Ease

We take the hassle out of travel planning for you. If you like more info or you need help choosing the right trip- we're always on hand to help.