Our Story

Travelling the globe for over 10 years now and kiting for 6 years, the founder Vincent combined his two greatest passions with Ultimate Downwinder. He found himself doing extensive research as preparation for every kitetrip, with a specific focus on potential downwinders. This resulted in the most amazing and unique travel experiences of his life. It ignited the entrepreneurial flame inside of him and now loves to share these epic trips with like-minded kitesurfs across the world.

Our Story
About Us
Our Story

Why We Exist

We love exploring new kitesurf spots around the world and we love to share.
Our international crew of experienced kiters are bringing valuable local knowledge and unique strengths to the table. We believe that this knowledge and our obsession for downwinders is the secret to our formula of organizing the best kitesurf experiences in the world.

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Meeting like minded people on amazing locations.
Kitesurfing can be an individual sport itself, where downwinders bring all type of kiters together. When joining a group downwinder; exploring a long distance coastline, helping each other, sharing moments in the water, it becomes a bonding experience. And this is actually how our team met as well.

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“Fantastic downwinder, visiting the most beautiful places in Brazil. With perfect conditions: great consistent wind and a warm ocean every day!”
Anne Marie van Schaardenburgh
“I’ve done my first Downwinder last November and I’ve had a fantastic experience. I’ve met cool people and we’ve visited amazing places. I recommend this trip to every kitesurfer: it’s an adventure you’ll never forget!”
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Romeo Calor
“What an amazing experience! This was my first time visiting Brazil and doing Downwinder in this area is the perfect way to explore coastline. Next year I’m joining again!”
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Mark Willems


The people ‘make’ the trip. We bring international like-minded kiters together that share their passion for travel and kitesurfing.


We work with local partners that understand our service level. They know the best routes and lagoons in the area. You’ll always enjoy a comfortable stay in our handpicked villas.


There is no greater high in our opinion. We pride ourselves to select the most unique and amazing Downwinder routes on this globe. And we want to share this with you…

The Ease

We take the hassle out of travel planning for you. If you like more info or you need help choosing the right trip- we’re always on hand to help.