Oman Downwinder

  • Oman Downwinder

    The Kite Adventure You Don't Want To Miss

  • Oman Downwinder

    Discover the Endless Coastline of Arabia

Oman - The Kite Adventure of a Lifetime

Maybe one of the most adventerous Downwinders we found on our kitesurf journey around the world. This unspoiled place has an amazing coastline, with empty beaches and huge lagoons. The temperatures vary around 35 degrees, what makes it perfect for being in the water the whole day. Make sure you do bring your lycra for sun protection. The amazing Arabian landscape and the flavours of the Omani kitchen makes this kitesurf experience extraordinary. But don't expect a vibrant nightlife or other entertainment on route, as some spots still very rural and undevolped.

Beautiful Waves & Butter flat Lagoons

From shallow flat crystal clear turquoise lagoons at Bar al Hikman to the ultimate wave spot: Al Ashkara, all kite disciplines are welcome here. The wind varies between 25 and 45 knots on the different kite spots. We'll take our time to discover the coastline and play around in the different lagoons. You are able focus on progressing your downwind technique, wave ride technique and learning new tricks. We'll make sure every kiter will get the perfect conditions for some epic sesions.


€895 $1.085


18 - 25 September 2021


7 days


8 - 10 kiters

What's included?

Camel Oman Downwinder
Bar al Hikman, Oman Downwinder
Masirah Island

Daily Program

Soft Landing in Muscat | Day 1
Pickup at the airport and drive to our hotel in 5,5 hours. Great chance to already discover this beautiful country.
Downwinder from Shripies | Day 2
Driving downn to Shrimpies, where we kick off our downwinder with a beautifull 12k coastline. At the finish of this first leg we head towards a little peace of kite heaven at Bar al Hikman. Butterflat lagoons and an entry point to the sea to play around in the waves. We’ll stay in our bedouin tents next to the lagoon and if possible: a full moon kite session.
Time to Play | Day 3
Because Bar el Hikman is such a special kite spot, we’ll be staying an extra day here. Trust us, you will understand why we stay here a bit longer. Our private chef will take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Sailties to Pink Lake | Day 4
Early morning we leave towards Salties, a 3 hour drive. From here we’ll start our 47k downwinder towards Al Ashkharah. This leg has been split into two, to keep it fun for everyone. There will be a lunch/snack break in between, but make sure your energy level is high.
Explore the Coastline of Aseelah | Day 5
From the starting point ‘The Mosque’ heading straight towards Aseelah. Known for it’s amazing waves and strong winds: going up to 45 knots. This spot is excellent for the more skilled riders among us.
The Last Leg | Day 6
Our last day we’ll leave from Aseelah to Ra’s ar Ru’ays. Beautifull route with some flat patches to accelerate a bit. This leg will be around 21 km.
The Return to Muscat | Day 7
In the morning heading back to Musqat. Flights leave in the evening and next morning.

Downwinder Route & Kite Spots

What's Excluded?


There aren't a lot of direct flights to Muscat, but the connections are pretty good. Return ticket prices are around €680 without boardbag. KLM is one of the airlines that flies on Muscat as well.


There are no mandatory vaccinations needed.


There is no visa needed for Oman.

Travel Insurance

We do our best to eliminate any potential issue that could arise during our kitesurf trips, however we do not have control over everything. Hence we recommend Travel Insurance when travelling with us. Think about your kite gear and if needed: medical care.


We are organizing this trip only ONE week in 2021.

September 18 - 25 , 2021
10 places still available!


Currently there is a quarantine rule in place of 7 days, but we think this won’t last much longer. On the 29th of May the lockdown should be lifted in Oman. In the cities you’ll need masks, but not on the beaches. The number of COVID infections is very low in Oman.

The group will consist out of like-minded international kiters. This is a trip revolves all around the experience in a very unique location and is for the more adventurous kitesurfer. We’re all about small sized group trips and we work hard to ensure harmonious dynamics between each of the small groups we put together. The age range will be between 34 –  55 years old. This can occasionally differ, depending per group.

Good questions! This trip is suited for moderate to more experienced riders. Our flat water lagoons are great for learning new tricks and the 2 meter waves with a gnarly beach break is an epic playground for our wave riders.

You will most likely arrive in the evening on Saturday and leave again on Sunday morning. We can assist booking the right flights, for the best possible connections.

Yes! We can completely tailor the trip to your wishes and dates. With the requirement that you’ll come with a minimum group of 6 kiters.

The flights are not included in our trips. But of course we can help book the flight for you and of course also make the booking for you.

Of course. We will charge upgrade costs of €400,- per person. This will only be possible for our hotel accomodation.

We allow Bank Transfer and PayPal payments at this moment.

Expect warm temperatures day and night. The water temperatures are around 30 degrees. You can easily kitesurf in your board shorts and bikini, but make sure you bring some protection for the sun like a lycra long sleeve shirt, sun lotion and a hat. The sand is super smooth, so no need for boots. 

Yes, you can. Please let us know what kites, boards or other material you’d like to rent and we’ll make it happen. For more info on prices, please reach out to us. We offer Dutone equipment on location.

Most of the days it will be 20 knots and higher. Some days it could go to 40 knots+.  Bring the kites you’re most comfortable with in these conditions. 

They do occur in Oman, but not very frequently at the coast. Our local that lived in Oman for over 20 years has never seen one at the coast.

It can get very dry and hot. So we recommend to protect you from the sun UV radiation and drink lots of water throughout the day.

Please reach out to us via email or send a direct chat message to Vincent through the mobile number below and he’ll get back to you super quickly.


The people 'make' the trip. We bring international like-minded kiters together that share their passion for travel and kitesurfing.


We work with local partners that understand our service level. They know the best routes and lagoons in the area. You'll always enjoy a comfortable stay in our handpicked villas.


There is no greater high in our opinion. We pride ourselves to select the most unique and amazing Downwinder routes on this globe. And we want to share this with you...

The Ease

We take the hassle out of travel planning for you. If you like more info or you need help choosing the right trip- we're always on hand to help.