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Madagascar - Explore a New World

This island has so much to offer to kitesurfers. Still most of us have never visited this amazing place. We must admit it's a bit of a mission to get here, but it's sooo worth the journey. From the moment you land on Madagascar, it feels like you've entrered a completely new world. The island holds 25.000 species of wild animals and with a good number being endangered species. Most of these animals cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Also the different type of plants and trees are unique here, like the famous baobab trees.

Kitesurf in Complete Solitude

Our lodge is located on Sakalava beach. Picture azure blue water with a butter flat lagoon and the feeling of the finest white sand between your toes. This is where you'll be waking up to every day. With wind always blowing around 20 knots and more. It really is a little peace of kitesurf heaven. As this spot is far from overcrowded, you'll have all the freedom in the world on the water. Of course we'll bring you on an amazing downwinder as well, taking you to the Emerald sea with our boat. Another unique location with a beatifull coastline. This is an adventure you'll never going to forget.


€1.999 $2.149


May, June & July


9 days


8 - 10 kiters

What's included?

Lemor Group
Authentic Sailing boat Madagascar
The Panther Chameleon


Would you like to focus on progressing your skills?

Kite Lessons

Take lessons with us during the first 4 days of the kitesurf trip. We will be focussing on your riding technique. Especially when you haven't done a lot of Downwinders, we will help you develop the right skills and tricks that will enhance your experience greatly. Three hours per day with a maximum of two students per instructor, where you receive personal guidance. We end every day with video analysis. Price: €369 ,- (4 day- course)

Kite Clinic

Madagascar offers wave- and flat water spots. This means we can focus on whatever skill you like to attain!! ​ You'll receive one-on-one Progression Coaching. The video analysis, theoretical and practical demonstrations will improve your riding skills and bring them to the next level. From kiteloops to wave-riding with a directional. ​ Price: €319 ,- (4 day- course)

Daily Program

Discover Sakalava | Day 1 - 2
The total kitesurf experience is divided into several elements. During the first 2 days we will be enjoying the amazing Sakalava bay. Offering dreamy wave sessions with high tide and butter flat lagunes on our doorstep. Perfect for any type of rider.
Downwinder Emerald Sea | Day 3 - 4
Our boat will bring us to the Emerald sea. The launch beach looks like it comes straight from a set of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Our route of today will be around 15 km. Taking it super easy we expect to kite 4 hours, where we will be taking breaks to refuel. Throughout the route we will have the boat following us. On the water we’ll have two professional guides supporting us. The second day we’ll do another downwinder here, as you can’t get enough of it.
Discover a New Planet | Day 5 - 6
We organise a hike through the mesmerizing flora and fauna of the island. Visiting the ‘Red Tsingy’ and the French mountain. The second hike we’ll visit the National Park of the Montagne d’Ambre. This MUST SEE will make you feel like you’re wandering on a different planet.
Sailing & Kiting | Day 7
One of the most relaxing things you can do on the island is sailing along side the beautiful coastline with a traditional sailing boat. And of course end your day with an epic kite session.
Enjoy Sakalava | Day 8
The Sakalava bay has so much to offer to us kiters. That’s why you should enjoy this area to the fullest and do your thing. Today you can play around in the lagoon or wait for high tide and have a wave session.
Final Kite Day | Day 9
Depending on your flight schedule, you’ll probably have your final session in the morning. We’ll make sure you’ll arrive at the airport in time.

Downwinder Route & Lodge

What's Excluded?


The flights to and from Madagascar are bit tricky. You'll need to fly to Antananarivo, where you'll need to stay 1 night and catch a domestic flight to Diego Suarez the next day. From there our transfer will bring you in 1 hour to our resort. We will help you book these flights, as we know the best options: length, connections and comfort. Return flights start from €850. The domestic return flight starts from €200. Air France/ KLM has flights to Antananarivo airport. They include free boardbags. Keep it under 20kg and you won't pay extra for the domestic flight either. (mon, wed and fri are the best days to return)


There are no mandatory vaccinations needed. We do recommend to update the following: classic diphtheria, tetanus toxoid, polio, hepatitis and typhoid. Due to dryness in the Diego Suarez area malaria isn't a concern. For preventative measures you could still check with your doctor. Long clothes are the best protection against mosquitoes in the evening.


Visa for the African island Madagascar is not required for this time period, however your passport need to be valid for at least 6 more months from date of entry.

Travel Insurance

We do our best to eliminate any potential issue that could arise during our kitesurf trips, however we do not have control over everything. Hence we recommend Travel Insurance when travelling with us. Think about your kite gear and if needed: medical care.


We are planning to organise this trip in May, June and July. The dates will be announced shortly. Please do let us know if you like to join the Madagascar Safari.

The Beauty


The group will consist out of like-minded international kiters. This trip is also very well suited for the adventurous traveller, that is less passionate about kiting. We’re all about small sized group trips and we work hard to ensure harmonious dynamics between each of the small groups we put together. The age range will be between 34 –  55 years old. This can occasionally differ, depending per group.

Good questions! This trip is perfectly suited for beginners to more experienced riders. Our flat water lagoons are great for teaching and with high tide expect 2 meter waves.

Yes! We can completely tailor the trip to your wishes and dates. With the requirement that you’ll come with a minimum group of 6 kiters.

The flights are not included in our trips. But of course we can help book the flight for you. As it’s quite difficult to get to Diego Suarez we will tell you exactly what flights to look for. And of course also make the booking for you.

Of course. We will charge upgrade costs of €400,- per person. You’ll get your own room for the full 12 night stay.

We allow Bank Transfer and PayPal payments at this moment.

Expect warm temperatures day and night. The water temperatures are around 28 degrees. You can easily kitesurf in your board shorts and bikini, but make sure you bring some protection for the sun like a lycra long sleeve shirt, sun lotion and a hat. The sand is super smooth, so no need for boots. 

Yes, you can. Please let us know what kites, boards or other material you’d like to rent and we’ll make it happen. For more info on prices, please reach out to us.

Most of the days it will be 20 knots and higher. Some days it could go to 30 knots+.  Bring the kites you’re most comfortable with in these conditions. 

Please reach out to us via email or send a direct chat message to Vincent through the mobile number below and he’ll get back to you super quickly.


The people 'make' the trip. We bring international like-minded kiters together that share their passion for travel and kitesurfing.


We work with local partners that understand our service level. They know the best routes and lagoons in the area. You'll always enjoy a comfortable stay in our handpicked villas.


There is no greater high in our opinion. We pride ourselves to select the most unique and amazing Downwinder routes on this globe. And we want to share this with you...

The Ease

We take the hassle out of travel planning for you. If you like more info or you need help choosing the right trip- we're always on hand to help.